BAJA BUG - The Movie -

Being an East Coaster, I just take in all the history. The under dog every man class 11 team mentality and the family atmosphere is really fun to watch and identify with. I can see being friends with all those guys.
50 years ago there used to be a bit of a buggy/sand rail scene w a few sand dunes around where I live near Cocoa Beach. Hell in 1980 I watched Hanna and Kessler duke it out 5 miles from my house on a track in the woods. My buddy who had moved from Cali took me bombing down a power line road one day in an F250, and I was hooked. The short course stuff on ESPN was always on my TV in the 80s, but getting coverage of Baja was tough. So I get a Baja History lesson whenever I can.
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