Listened the the first half hour tonight. You guys did awesome. Fucking excellent thus far!! I’m flattered that some of you fucks want me on there. I apologize in advance for you guys getting demonetized…

1. I love the talking shit around the campfire vibe. Perpetuate and fuel that fire.
2. Billy is a fantastic idea.
3. Grassroots build pointers and discussion of how to get started building stuff and the requisite tools. Expected build(and rebuild) costs would be an interesting discussion.
Great first episode! Seriously this is the shit I want to listen to. The longer the episode the better IMO. Good job guys.
I agree. If 1 hr works best for youtube monetization or what ever, then split the podcast into multiple episodes. I wouldn't rush to end it at an hr if the conversation is going good. I would rather the guests dive deeper into a topic or topics and let it run as it runs.


(i won't do that again or anymore SmellyElliot or WallsterBallsters. just wanted to see if it would work. hahah)
Enjoyed the second one, the background thing is cool haha especially because it’s actually clear and not blurry
so more discussion ideas..

1. what was your first vehicle and how bad was it, and how bad did you screw it up.
2. what were some of the worst mods you have done on a vehicle, or upgrades that failed miserably?

Think some of these could be fun...
I like the options. Going to add them to our list.

Bummed we couldn't get a podcast going with you out there. We'll have to make it happen over at Bent one night
too much fun this weekend to sit down and miss out on everything else. lol Let me know when and lets do it. Or pick a weekend and we can go visit elliot.
Number two was great! I like how you guys talked about what are you prep for, what you bring and how are you could use those things to have success. I feel like the anti-prep and preparation guy, where I never go over anything on my trucks and pack extremely late mainly because I don’t wanna work on them that much at home and I really want to see what I can get away with and have more of a challenge on the trail because I learned over so many years that things I never as bad as we fear in our minds they would be and over that time you’re fear of failure and/or getting stuck reduces heavily to where you want to break down or get stuck because those are the trips you remember where if you had a clean run you don’t remember that trip at all.


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Thanks Geoff!

I hope we don't come off as boy scouts haha. If you've ever been on a trip with us... you know that's not the case :rolleyes:
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