any megasquirt guys in here?


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Sep 8, 2023
southern oregon
my car falls flat on its face and i cant find the problem😢
just acts like it hits a crappy rev limiter right before any boost can come on
Any error codes or sync loss?

Post your setup and msq. I'm not an expert but I will take a look for obvious stuff if you want.

The msextra forum is really good for troubleshooting if you want to post up over there. They helped me several times on my jetski setup.

the engine hits a wall right at boost/heavy load. O2 reads dead low real quick with no detonation or ill behavior
acts like a fuel limiter or something
this can happen at 2500 rpm going up a hill or 4000 rpm on flat road. does not make it into turbo realm

timing is spot on
fuel pressure is rock solid
i have run the VE table up a little, up a lot, and ridiculously lower than it should ever be. all the same result
the VE autotune got the cruise great pretty quick so i feel like driving O2 is accurate but the power side just doesn't play by the rules!
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i went in all settings and neutral set them all that i could find
trying to take control and make changes you know!
i have been using megasquirt for since 2012 on 5 different engines and had nothing like this fight me
Do you have data logs we can see? Post the tune and some logs when you can. Otherwise its just us guessing.

i know
i need to make a fresh basic one to present
i have a bunch of wild ones to check special points and are confusing the internet with them! lol
sorry, its been about 110 every day and a 3000 acre fire 15 miles away has made for a nice smokey flavor outside.
this fucking world
cheese and rice!!!!

as i am sitting in the 100 degree heat looking at my under the dash wiring i noticed i never ran any ground wires on the expansion board. i guess once i got enough to start the engine the first time and it ran great i stopped wiring in circuits
now it runs all the way up in the rpm and the wall is gone
turbo still only makes a couple pounds of boost though. not sure why. maybe my vac/boost gauge is full of crap
i need to pull the muffler and see if it is choking this girl out!


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