For Sale (2) Heavy duty steel welding tables


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Apr 5, 2022
In Lucerne Valley CA 92356

Welding table 38-1/2" x 58-1/2" x 36" tall top is 7/8" thick. Built on 3"x3" x 1/8" wall box tubing with adjuster feet. Box tubing frame extends to the sides so you can use it as receiver to make attachments to install and remove to keep top free from obstructions. Top isn't permanently attached for easier positioning of table and leveling it than put top on it. Have forklift to load. $900

Second table is shorter. Fixture welding table. 24" x 32" with 1/2" thick top. 22" tall. Has some through holes and some threaded 1/2" holes to attach various fixtures over the years. Downsized shop so no need for this anymore. Have forklift to load. $300

Will trade for Milwaukee M18 and M12 metal working tools, 1/4" grinders, 4.5" grinders, impacts, new batteries, etc. or towards Syncrowave 250 DX water cooled Tig welder.