1997 Ford F-350 4x4


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Apr 4, 2022
1997 Ford F-350
Crew Cab Long Bed 7.3l Auto

So, as most here know I recently sold my ‘89 Ranger, the new owner seems to be thrilled with it. Instead of completely blowing my cheddar on cool parts for the new build, I did the semi-responsible thing and bought a new to me tow mobile. She’s a ‘97 F-350 7.3l 4x4 auto crew cab long bed with 280K on the odometer. It’s had a couple things done to it. Previous owner was a 7.3 fanatic. I’m sure there’s more but here’s a small list. TS6 tuner, KC Turbo, 6.0l trans cooler and intercooler, Beans diesel fuel system, sky reverse shackle kit, and a trans that's been slightly built.

Took it to the snow yesterday and I’m in love. The OBS hole in my heart has been filled.
Interior is pretty damn clean but I still want to do a new carpet kit and full detail. I will take more pictures as I spruce it up. The wheels are butt fucking ugly so those are first on the list to get replaced. Also, I haven’t found a good name for it yet. Kind of thinking Moonshine but not really sold on it.
That sub setup is killer. I can’t wait to hear it rattling by
I’ve never been a stereo system nerd but I like it. It’ll definitely blow your panties off Bodj.

On another note. Picked up a Christmas tree. Going a week early this year.D0845BFC-E4E0-48BA-8139-215A52490482.jpeg
so much love for this vehicle. so much.. id prefer a SB, but i know thats even more impossible to come by. i would of dealt with it if i knew the owner was a 7.3 fanatic like you said. only because that means he took reallly good care of it and fucked it in all the RIGHT spots, not the wrong. like most 20 year old brotastic bros do when they hacksaw and nig rig the muffler off rght before the muffler. hahah