1990 Bronco 5.8 complete


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Apr 5, 2022
Not for parts complete 1990 Ford Bronco 4x4 with a 5.8L manual t-case and was told bad transmission. No title but have bill of sale. Tag on plate is from 2001 so maybe out of the system. Cluster shows 50k miles so assuming 150k but not for sure. Was told it ran when parked 3 or so years ago.Needs rear driveshaft slip with flange and bolts to rear axle. Needs brake booster and master, which I have just need to remove from another bronco, as with column since key is missing and someone tried to punch it out as well as tailgate glass which you can buy new easily since i am out of stock on that. I know what this is worth all day long as parts but would rather sell it mostly complete to someone to build into an awesome truck.

$2500 obo in lucerne Valley, CA

Well I have those parts too just need to finish your vacation and get your paychecks saved up