‘88 ultra poor truggy


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Apr 14, 2022
Here’s my current main project. My IG @dzrtratdzns has the entire build if you want to creep. I picked this thing up completely stock from a buddy for $800 which was a smoking deal for a running, driving Toyota with 4wd and a title September of 2021. Initially I planned to daily drive it but the entire front end needed to be rebuilt. I was already in the process of rebuilding my sas 4runner and had full width axles, ruffstuff 3 link kit, fox 2.0x14 dsc coilovers, radflo 2.0 air bumps, and a bunch of other parts but the 4runner needed extensive fab work. I had already been working on the rebuild for a year and still needed to finish the cage, dash, firewall, floor, 3.4 swap, front three link and much more. My fiancée at the time and I decided we wanted to get married in February ‘22 and wanted to use the rigs as our arch and take a week long trip in the desert after for our honeymoon, so I decided to throw the 4runner in the side yard and throw all the parts on the yota truck. Took me a little over 3 months for a complete build doing everything myself. Not bad for my first solid axle swap/crawler build. Enjoy 🍻

‘88 Toyota Pickup 4x4 22re 5speed
GM Dana 44 5.38s, spool, warn hubs, RCV’S, off-road anonymous truss, skys offroad histeer arms, Reid knuckles
GM full float 10.5” 14 bolt 5.38s spooled, Artec backbone truss
Ruffstuff 3link
Ruffstuff 7/8 heimed steering
Fox 2.0x14” dsc coilovers
Radflo 2.0 bumps
Drilled/tapped 89-95 ifs box
Bfg 39x13.5-17 KR2’s on Method MR105 beadlocks
1.75x.120 dom cage
ATL cell, msd external pump
GM 63” rear springs with Toyota leafs added
Ruffstuff antiwrap
Fox 2.0x14 resi smooth body rear shocks
Currently stock 2.28 tcase but I’ll be building/installing dual 2.28x4.7 23 spline tcases with twin stick and a rear trail tough disconnect
Ssv works Bluetooth head unit and loaded speaker cans, kicker 10” sub, Rockford amp

I’m currently fighting with Yukon to warranty out my front grizzly locker as it’s destroyed internally with 8 trips in under two months and I’ve got 10-12 weeks for rcv to get me my replacement short side inner shaft that snapped.
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Badass toyota!

Were you able to pull apart the grizzly locker to see what let go inside?
When the grizzly first came out I pulled one apart to compared it with a Detroit locker. Grizzly was much beefier than the Detroit. I'm curious what the weak point is?