Wondering Steering could it be a ram problem?


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Apr 7, 2022
Could ram-assist steering cause a vehicle to wonder?

A little background, my truck originally came with a steering rack, it now has ram assist from pss, with a box, and Kibbe swing set steering. when I got the truck it was almost impossible to drive and always had to have 2 hands on the wheel, and would wander lane to lane.. I have got that fixed about 80% where I can now drive with 1 hand on the wheel but still wants to wander some. I have fixed a loose pitman arm (a story for another day) and new heims on all steering points and front suspension. all new bushings in the swing set steering, although 1 has a smidge of play (which could be a bit of the issue) i am trying to figure out what else might be causing this. maybe inherent with 37s on the freeway? but i don't feel like that's it. Which leads me to believe that maybe the ram is causing this? seems like its harder to turn left than right typically even when making small adjustments on the freeway.

What thoughts do you guys have?
Gotcha. Typically the ram won't cause an issue unless the shaft is bent (binding) or there is air in the system.

Take it to Jonny's haha!
I would start with caster and toe. Add more caster. u will be happier. Like Kle stated the ram shouldn't be the issue.