Want to learn about prerunner trucks

Beams have better geometry and them being much longer is a great benefit.

I-beams have less scrub, longer arms that spreads out stress, better shock ratio, lighter spring rates, longer shocks, increase camber and caster on compression for more control.

Can you get 20” out of the stock A-arms? Well, you can with beams!!

The key thing to look at is, do way less than you think in all areas and overdo the suspension with much bigger shocks and to the right truck.

With this “lean” way of thinking, I can now “put together” a truck in 15-25 days instead of a 6-13 year “build” that kicks your ass!


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Sorry @Giant Geoff , I wasn’t trying to be a troll! I decided to finally make an appearance over here at BLGT, and I wanted to make the guys who have been unfortunate enough to hang out with me laugh! I’m going to try to move my build and trip threads over here as time permits. Is that grouchy old man @dose around these parts?
Now we know turbo isn’t serious I have a real question- how large of tires will fit on my Toyota without a lift??
Should I get gold or bronze colored wheels? Also, does Factor55 make a color-matched winch hook chingadera, or do I need to get it powder coated to match my overlanderasfuck wheels?