"Truffin Tops"


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Mar 11, 2023
Lake Arrowhead
I would like to make a case for protecting your trucks "Truffin tops'' (Truck-Muffin Tops) aka, rocker panels. I never get why so many prerunners leave the sides of their trucks without protection. A truck has more sensitive real estate on the sides than the front and the back. I have seen multiple times, prerunners get Truffin top panel damage in the desert over something silly that simple rock sliders would have prevented. Truffin top damage looks terrible, is hard and expensive to fix and can affect door operation. Prerunners typically have so much protection on front, rear and underneath, it seems silly not to put on some simple rock sliders and protect those beautifully curved, plump Truffin tops. The sliders on my own truck were made and installed in a few hours for a few hundred bucks, one of the simplest and cheapest things to fab up. There is also the case for safety, My own 86 Toyota PU was saved from salvage and saved my ass when the rock sliders I put on, took the full force of a lead footed tweaker in a Chevy Suburban in a T-bone hit and run.
I’ve been mulling the idea of a super low pro slider or something not really for rocking but just as rocket panel protection. Ain’t trying to crawl over rocks but shit happens