Toyota pick up cage


Sep 27, 2023
Anyone happen to know if anyone makes a pre bent pre cut Toyota pickup cage? Highly doubt it as I haven’t been able to find one but thought I’d ask thanks!
Marlin crawler and 4xinnovations both make basic roll cages for toyota pickups. Its not much of a cage but probably a lot better than nothing.Screenshot_20240328_080326.jpg
The marlin cage is 1.50 HREW and bolt in. Quite literally “better than nothing” but I wouldn’t trust it personally. The 4x Innovations is at least 1.75 DOM, but I’m not a fan of the A pillar geometry either.
oooh wow, yeah I didn't see the 1.5" hrew part. That's pretty awful, would not recommend.
I got the 1.75 DOM 4xinovations in my 86 4x4, I added diagnals, cross tubes and went to the frame with their tie ins. no regrets from me, price was super reasonable, and had the whole thing done in a weekend. My truck doesn't go trophy truck speeds but I wanted the cab to hold together better than a tin can in the event of a bad day.