Sold *SOLD*1997 Toyota 4Runner ( can identify as a MFing FORD RANGER)

Sold Item. She Gone!


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Apr 28, 2022
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Do you want to be the envy of all your friends?!? Do you want women to uncontrollably throw themselves at you and be at your beckoning call 24/7?!? I mean hell, the front kit is from AMERICAN MOTORSPORTS!!! That's right.... 'MURCIA!!! DO IT FOR DALE ( RIP #3) and flaunt all 86 HP as you fly down the road at about 54 mph with the windows down rocking out to Free Bird and playing air guitar all while getting passed by a 04 Altima that looks like it survived 3 Avenger movies. Do you want to hoon through all that is Dezert with reckless abandon while passing trophy trucks and laughing at their inferior abilities?!? Did you want to podium at the 400,500, 1000, BAP and Rage all in the same year while laughing at the entries made in "The Book of the Piece" and knowing that none of that applies to you?!?


Then THIS is the truck for you!!!!

Is it fun? Yup!
Is it fast? Lol, it's a Toyota! So no.
Will you get looks? Yup! Both those of amazement and utter concern!
Does it pull the ladies? Mostly the ones with un/ current diagnosed mental disorders. And the term "ladies" is a loose fluid term nowadays so we'll say it's a solid maybe 🤷
Does it have zip ties? Yup! Are they flush cut to avoid injuries? Pfft, momma didn't raise no pussy!

But all in all it's a fun truck. Needs a little more love work on the rear end setup and it could be super capable.

Need / want it out of my driveway and in the loving arms of someone who will continue the legacy of "Peggy"

1997 Toyota 4runner 2.7l 3rz automatic 2wd
clean title under my name .
Currently registered

A/C is currently out of the truck. I have the compressor and all parts to reinstall, just haven't yet.
Idle air control motor is bad so it has a rough idle. I have a brand new one just haven't installed it yet. clear coat is peeling and paint isn't all that great.
Leaks oil. Figured I didn't seal something properly when we installed the motor.
New cat installed about 3 months back.

I will be upfront and honest about this truck if any questions arise.

front:- AMR custom long travel 5" over "race kit" * hard mounted lowers, heimed uppers, 1" uniball upper and 1.5" uniball lower. boxed upper and lower and fabbed spindle with 2nd gen rebuildable hubs- AMR engine Crossover hoop- AMR coilover/secondary Hoop- AMR clevis'd/ heimed steering- 2.5x10 King Coilover 500/700- beard straps- tabbed for bypasses- 17" travel .

rear:- OME 891 coils- AMR shock hoop- fox 2.0x10 Fox Resi shocks- 2.5x4 Hydro Bumps- beard straps-
OMF Adjustable rear links
cut down the rubber isolators inside the springs for a more consistent loading under bump. custom adjustable heimed panhard by by Jubera Fab
Will come with 2.5 x 10" 2 double bypass Fox shocks with large resis for the rear

EXTERIOR:- glassworks 4.5" fenders- 17x8" Visions wrapped with 295-70-17 D/C trail country- AMR frame horned 2" front bumper with light 4light tabs

Misc- Remanufactured / 0 mile engine installed last year
Trans rebuilt with a tig welded 3rd gear drum. New starter, ignition coil, MAF sensor. Super-strut roof rack (homemade) to hold a roof top tent. Modular and sturdy AF.
New Kenwood head unit with USB, Bluetooth, 3.5mm input with amp and sub in the back. Kenwood door speakers.
Also comes wired for more lights.

Please don't waste my time with low-ball offers or trades.



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Will you be purchasing a manufacturer made for men after the sell of this?