PRP height?


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Jul 5, 2023
Looking at the Podium elite or Comp elite. Im 6'2" looks like the Podium isn't available in +2 but not sure if I need it. I have a set of the Comp pro's in +4 we bought while back for my son (6'4") and I fit pretty good but....... when I thorough a tape on them all the measurements are so close to the stock dimensions that we are thinking we didn't get the +4's after all. So just looking for some real world fit thoughts. Thanks BLGT peeps!
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I have comp elite +2 i will measure later today. What locations are you measuring from?
The head rest measurement is from center of rear mounting bolt hole.
I am 6' 3" and my harnesses are just about at 0 degrees or slightly negative like recommended. 16969054822695142959780743943095.jpg
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The head rest measurement is from center of rear mounting bolt hole.
I just measured my +4" Comp Pros and they are 40" from rear mounting bolt to the top of the head rest and ~26" to the harness holes. For what it's worth, I originally wanted the Elite but when I sat in the +2" version that PRP had in their show room, my head landed on the edge of the headrest. I'm also 6'2".
Thanks Mullen, Bummer my invoice even stated +4 but they are stock (n)
Unfortunately two years this Christmas. ( dam builds always take too long)