Pre4runner coming back


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Jul 26, 2023
Whaddup ya’ll! Names Mike aka 4thgenmike back in the day. Got a 5thgen Runner now so I guess the IG name and BLGT username seems fitting🤦🏽‍♂️
I’m out here in the state next to the gates of hell, Nevada, first being Arizona(Heat wise). Currently have a 2018 4Runner SR5 Premium 4wd in good ol’ Magnetic Grey. Nothing crazy…yet. Tryna be different from all the other ones, AGAIN lol I started using the “hAsHtAg” Pre4runner back in 2014 because of my old runner. Had a 2wd 2007 V6 4runner with a 13-15 Taco front clip(yep) dirtking long travel uniball heim front with king 2.5 eibach 600lb springs and rear triple bypass 2.5x10 kings in the rear, with a drawer system and sleeping platform in the back. This was before the world of 4runners(Toyota in general) BLEW UP. Anyways here’s everything below to current Runner and a few photos of the old runner

2018 4Runner SR5 Premium
-Dirtking Ball Joint Uppers
-Bilstein 6112 Front struts w/ 700lb HD springs
-Bilstein 5160 Rear Shocks(baby resi)
-Metal Tech 4x4 Dual Rate “LT” Rear Coils
-285/70R17 Falken Wildpeak AT3W
-SCS 17x9 -38 Ray 10
-1.25” Spidertrax Wheel spacer in front only (Stance Boi)
-R1 Concept Slotted Rotors with OE performance pads
-Good ol’ Amazon 30” light bar in grille
-Cali Raised 32” grille mounts
-3 SC LED pods in rear spoiler (2 Chase/ Brake Center)
-Auxbeam 8 Gang Switch Panel
-Rigid flash relay system
-Amazon Yellow LED fog lights
-Stealth GMRS Antenna on ditch mount
-Toyota RAV4 roof rack delete kit

Ultimately the goal for this go around is to have finely shocked tuned mid travel setup. Get groceries and float as much as this heavy ass rear end allows me too, and a nice comm/nav setup (for work) None of the that overland stuff, hence Pre4runner


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Will get more photos tomorrow during the day to update but here it is! 4wd Dirtking LT with ADS Shocks and ADV Glass.Just need to add limit strap clevis mounts, get an alignment and trim stuff before throwing paint on the glass😮‍💨😮‍💨😫

Full day swap from one 4runner to another.


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Well, from the photos above, the original mid travel shock tuned setup went out the window😅 Was given a sweet deal for the long travel setup from the homie Jack from Dana Point. Its been a month since the swap, did some preload adjustments, strap adjustments(eyeballing and jack lift) for now. I have the shear kit I’m putting on soon. Waiting on performance spindles to be made and released. The ADS shocks are setup with a 3/18/550 instead of 650 or 600 on a 16” spring. Took it out to Barstow for work during cali 300 and did a couple cycles through lenwood drive(iconic side road) I gotta say I’m heavily impressed by it. My last runner had a out the box dk setup with their dk king 2.5 3/16/600 eibachs with the clickers. Rear was a bit hard to tell just cause of the improper mounting of my jack and 5th wheel, cause I have a 3rd row and no mounting points on it, gotta look into that as well. Having a local guy revalve them as since I’m getting longer reservoir lines cause the uca were rubbing on them down to the braids almost. I’ve also been procrastinating on a inner boot replacement, managed to seal it for the time being but long story short we forgot to seal the inside of the boot before putting it back together(noobs) other than that, just need 35s and gears. Sucks the 8.2 toyota rear ends can only handle 4.88, from what I’ve heard and seen on some fb group pages. I want some 5.10 or 5.29s. Toyota didn’t do these 5thgens justice on keeping the same 1GR, no power/tq difference and adding like 500lbs extra on top of it 🫠 Added some prelander ditch pods too lol


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