optima blue/yellow top prices?

charlie brown

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Apr 4, 2022
after 12+years my 2 blue tops need a trickle charger to keep them working. where's place to get a good price?

I got my last ones from sams club.
I heard they are garbage nowadays since they moved production to mexico. I could be wrong. 12 years is a great lifespan, that was a great purchase. As far as pricing i will let someone else chime in
No idea on pricing but the new ones suck for quality and lifespan. I'd look towards getting a different battery unless you don't mind replacing it again in 3 to 4 years.
i know when they 1st came out many years ago they were great. red tops for years. but they move production of the red tops and had major quality issues. but the blue and yellow were made somewhere else and kept the quality. but that was a long time ago when i got my blue tops. i have read several years ago that the quality and the follow through with warranties have been much better. some issues had to do with how AGM had to be maintained.

i am not sure how things are in the last few years. i would just switch to a more stable reputable battery but i dont think they would fit the holders that are welded in.

if not optima, what are you running?
I am going to be running 2 Napa Legend AGM batteries in my Ford. My ram 3500 had odyssey batteries but when they died due to Phoenix heat I replaced them with the Napa AGM batteries and never had an issue even with truck sitting for 6 months after my accident without it being started or moved at all.
The second blue top is still in my truck. I have to charge it before I drive the truck anywhere haha. I’m gonna get an interstate agm I just have been lagging on it because I gotta get a new battery box and mount it and stuff.
I used to be a fan of the Optimas... great product back in the day. We've been using Full Throttle AGM batteries in the prerunners (actually, just about everything) with good results.
i would like to try something that has a more consistent reparation if i can fit them in my current welded in boxes.
Anyone know the dimensions of the optima so I can measure it against my Napa AGM battery to see if they would fit. Been super happy with them in a few vehicles for the last 5 years. They even survived 3 years in Phoenix heat which killed every other battery I owned in all my vehicles besides my old yellow top which would be disconnected when parked inside my garage
My Napa legend AGM group 78 part # 9878 are those same dimensions but 7" tall and side post only since I don't use top posts in trucks. PXL_20230305_220332664.jpg
blue top. size from website. i am sure the red/yellow are the same.
Height7.94 IN
Length10.06 IN
MCA870 A
Reserve Capacity @25 Amps120 minutes
Voltage12.0 V
Weight43.50 LB
Width6.88 IN

the NAPPA from there page.

Length10.75 in
Positive Terminal LocationSide Left
Amp Hour55 AH
Voltage12 V
ManufacturerEast Penn Mfg., Co.
Height8 in
SDS RequiredYes
Width6.875 in

so it comes down to length.... again. haha
Why not change battery cable ends to eyelet to run side post's?
My batteries have always been mounted in rear and I like the cables to bolt onto side of battery. Top posts are there but not used. I also run another set of wires to jump posts on rear of truck to hookup jumper cables if needed.