Northern Arizona checking in


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Nov 3, 2022
What’s up guys? Finally decided to come see what all the hype was about over here. Formerly toyoboyo on DezertRangers, the one who brought his moms Pilot out to the cleanup in 2010 😂 Have been through a few trucks since then. Currently have a 2004 Tundra Doublecab supercharged that’s on 5100 bilstiens, an XR650 a CRF450 and a Giant Trance to keep me from being obese. Hope to see you guys in the dezert someday 🤘🏻
Thanks for joining in dude! What part of Northern, AZ?

We go up to Prescott to meet up with Brian Metcho a few times a year. We usually do some MTB riding if you're down!
Right on man! I’m right over the hill from there Clarkdale/Jerome area. Definitely keep me in the loop on the rides, I’m always game to hit some trails especially now that it’s cooling down!
ohhhhh dang what up dude!

The pilot... I remember that well haha...


😂 Yeah my first time ever in Barstow was in that pilot, got a rash of shit for it 😂 Huck the Pilot! Came out the next year in my ‘84 Toyota and DNF on the way home somewhere by bullhead. One of these years I’ll make it out to another one, definitely a fun time with good people!


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