Endless Trails

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Apr 7, 2022
Brian has a few more Onza 27.5 tires if anyone is looking for a freshie. Price is ridiculous. I dont want to quote what I paid just incase i got sponsored price 😄. I just went by for a new rear insert and he talked me into the tire and some Truckerco sealant too. Brian is local (Newbury Park) and supports a lot of the local HS teams and racers so it feels good to support him back.
I got a flat yesterday and rode some sections with the Mynesweeper insert that wouldn't be possible with out it. Rim is still good as new.
His 5 port stems are way better and cheaper than the ones the other inset company sells.
I need to put mine back in the rear.... I've been lazy... I'm still running front insert only 🤡
I need to get a new front. it is probably not so great after over two years. The Onza tire he is selling works good. It didn't have any weird traits like I had with the whatever Specialized tire I ran for a short while.