My Overland Build - Tacoma + Go Fast Camper


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Jul 28, 2022
Hey guys!
I posted this in the general offroading thread but was encouraged to post it here as well. I am new to the forum and just wanted to show off my overlanding setup!

My current setup is a 2016 Tacoma that I have had since early 2019. It is currently sitting on some 285/75/r16 and a 2.5 inch lift from Old Man Emu. The front and rear bumpers along with the skids are made by Backwoods Adventure Mods. Last and certainly not least is the Go Fast Camper.

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love this thing. I first bought one last June and have been reppin it ever since. My journey started when I was sick and tired of my camper shell, being that I am just around 6ft tall and my truck bed is only 5ft long. I looked at every camper on the market and just kept coming back to GFC. The functionality of having every side panel open, the pass through floor, and only being around 250 lbs really drew me in. Not to mention that the camper is completely made in Belgrade, MT. While I love supporting American manufacturing as much as the next guy, this also means if anything goes wrong with the camper, any part is available here in the states and their customer service is awesome.




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