Looking for recommendations on a garage fab TIG welder


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Feb 28, 2023
Boerne, TX
I've been out of the welder market for a while, cant believe how expensive welders are these days. Need something to weld Sili-Bronze, sheet steel, and aluminum...cant see welding anything much thicker than .188"...maybe .250" aluminum occasionally. My budget is less than $2k if possible.
I’ve been looking at the everlast 185 it’s a ac/dc machine with pulse it’s like 800 and I’ve heard it’s a good reliable machine from people I’ve talked to
I have this one.

Comes with a nice torch. Its air cooled but there are ways to make it watercooled. Im no pro but it lays down some nice welds. Its 110 and 220 so you can switch voltage if needed. Im running it with the included torch and i got the Furick 17 style cup kit.
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I have an older powerpro 164 ac-dc tig/stick/plasma combo from 2013? that's been great, welds way better than I do. I also had an i-mig 140 that was a super light weight little guy that I sold and just replaced with a cyclone 212. All have put up with my shitty welding skills and held up fine. For the price, Everlast has been hard to beat and I have had no issues with the machines going on 10 years now.

I'm getting this one eventually. Haven't seen a bad review since they included the better pedal and it's a damn good price.

I used my miller syncrowave 180SD for years in my garage and my brother has the same machine in his garage, 240v. I've since upgraded so it's for sale. Need new gas lense setup for the torch but $1400 for this one.

I have that PowerTIG 185DV great little machine for what I booger up with it. .250 aluminum probably would be pushing it maybe look at the Everlast 215 or 255 machine
Yeah aluminum takes all the power. That and welding in snouts in a floater is the only time I maxed out my Syncrowave 180 machine.
I have the Everlast PowerTIG 315LX. I have nothing negative to say about it all. It kicks ass and will do everything that I throw at it. It is a bit overkill for most, but why not get something that you know will be capable of doing bigger material incase you need to one day.
Another everlast owner here. Mine is a iTig 201 DC only machine. It was cheap and does great in my garage. I maxed it out on .250” wall DOM for the control arms on my old XJ and it didn’t skip a beat.

I did upgrade the torch/hoses with a nice CK one. Definitely worth the money. The everlast one was useable, but big bulky and the hoses were stiff.

i guess i am a odd ball here but i have the eastwood 180. havent used iy much but has been good. everlast would be somthing i would look at with all the good reviews.