LHC AZ Body Beach clean up!


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Jan 10, 2024
Hey yall, Nate here with Desert pickers. We're getting small beach clean up going on this Saturday in Lake Havasu City, AZ at Body beach if anyone is in the area and wants to Come out to join a few of us. Nothing special just tired of the trash in the area. So going out with bags and grabbing what we can get for a few hours or until it gets too hot.

When: April 20th 7-8am start at body beach. I'll be cruising around in my beige taco crawler.

Just figured id put the word out if anyone wants to join.
how'd this event go?
Honestly, me and like 2 buddies showed up. We picked up like 5 construction bags worth of trash and then it ended in us arguing with some kids that were emptying their truck onto the beach we had just picked up. But overall it was better than when we got there at least.