LAB2V 2024


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Apr 15, 2022
Couple of us are looking to ride LAB2V this year for our first time... any of you guys done it in the past years? We are all 30+ B class kind of riders. Would love to pick some brains on routes and logistics, and see if anyone else would want to get in on our group. Looks like a killer time!
Our usual goone squad:


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Agreed. Looks like a damn good time. I’ve been thinking about putting together a group of TW200 riders to do it. I have no idea what level rider I am. D? On an F or G bike? 😂

But I sure do like to have a good time! Haha
Oooof haha. I don't think ide ride a tw200 to the store and back, let alone through 60 miles of whoops first thing in the AM lol.
Haha! A bunch of us at work have them. Everything from brand new riders to FAST ex-racers… nothing but smiles!
I rode LA B2V in 2006 for my 50th birthday for a "check the box" on my bucket list. Rode my 2003 Honda XR400 Baja Kitted to be street plated. I installed a larger desert gas tank for range (I still have that XR). I did the ride with my brother in law and with a fellow member of Ventura County Sheriff's Search & Rescue. Since he and I were EMTs, the ride organizers had us ride sweep to collect / treat any riders who biffed. It was an uneventful but scenic two day ride from the LA area to Big Bear to Barstow on the 1st day. The 2nd day was the run from Barstow to Vegas. I remember they had rangers in the tortoise crossing area with radar guns to be sure we weren't riding more than 15 mph or some ridiculous slow speed through the soft sand. We had no flats or mechanical issues. There were preplanned stops for gas along the way where you would leave the course to get to the gas stations so your bikes have be street legal / plated, registered, insured and you have your M1 license. We grabbed a motel room in Barstow that night versus camping. Others on this BLGT forum must have ridden LA B to V more recently. It was an epic ride for us!
Sounds like a blast!
Does someone actually check for your m1? I've got the permit, just never went back in for the license because all my bikes walk the line lol.
Man, 2006 was a while ago but I remember they gave my bike a look over to be sure it was street legal (barely), had a spark arrestor exhaust, was plated and I had registration and proof of insurance. Without a current permit or M1, I'm not sure you could get the insurance. I'm not much help...
Ya my bike is plated and all the good stuff, insured, just have a permit rather than the m1. Should be fine.