LA GORDITA BLANCA ( Linked Ranger on buggy tires)


Nov 28, 2022
Well as some of you know I sold La Pinche Gringa and was wanting a bronco or a ttb ranger but got the opportunity to buy this 01 ranger that has some history with Tyler TNT and a handful of other people was to good of a deal to pass up! So here’s the progress since I’ve had it, meet LA GORDITA BLANCAIMG_4714.jpegthis is current state of the truck and yes I know they look identical to the untrained eye but that was kind of the point..
IMG_3979.jpegIMG_3978.jpegIMG_3986.jpegIMG_3989.jpegIMG_3988.jpegThis was the day that I got the truck it had been sitting for a while with no cover and windows down was pretty hammered when I got it just used and put away wet. had a no exhaust and a really bad misfire along with a laundry list of things before it could be desert ready. Over all I knew it had potential and good bones just needed some love


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Wasted no time getting to work! I knew the shocks needed some love bunch of shock shafts were pitted/rusted from sitting so off they went to Roy for a new lease on life IMG_4014.jpegIMG_4013.jpegThe back half of the truck was pretty smoked out from sitting in the sun/surface rust every where luckily my good buddy has his own business called dustless blasting so he was able to blast the whole backhalf which saved me a ton of time on paint prep went at it with the rustoleumIMG_4027.jpegIMG_4025.jpegAnd of course I had to run the best wheel and tire combo for a ranger so wasted no time getting rid of the junk general grabbers for the good ol tensor 37s I had on the old truckIMG_4060.jpeg


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Next up was gutting the interior and moldy carpet as I got the dash out there was so much extra wire coiled up and things running everywhere I opted for just getting rid of all the wire to avoid electrical gremlins later. I knew the truck would be running an Spod so it only made sense to start fresh. So I got to wiring!IMG_4129.jpegIMG_4133.jpegI thought I was going to run these sol teks but opted for 3 lp6’sIMG_4138.jpegRed some lights…..IMG_4139.jpegHad to make a mount for the Spod IMG_4149.jpegIMG_4150.jpegSort of got everything ran going back togetherIMG_4158.jpegIMG_4175.jpegIMG_4184.jpegIMG_4178.jpegAlso had to make a mount for the dual battery switch.IMG_4187.jpegIMG_4188.jpegThen put a bunch of kilmat down IMG_4189.jpegand did my best at putting carpet in this thing 🤣IMG_4190.jpegIMG_4212.jpegIMG_4211.jpegCame out good enough for me it’s not perfect but it’s also not a luxury prerunner. Also never putting carpet in a prerunner again 🤦🏼‍♂️
Even the asking price in the RDC ad was a smokin deal for this much truck! Glad someone who knows what’s up bought it.
The goal was to have the truck ready for the off-road expo or “ready enough” 🤣IMG_4276.jpegIMG_4264.jpegIMG_4271.jpegIMG_4277.jpegluckily Roy was kind enough to let me work on it at his shop for a little while this was right after got all the shocks back on and was ready for it’s maiden voyage.IMG_4308.jpegWent out to watch the pci 300 and put some miles on the truck. I was blown away at how well it worked right out of the box. I have ridden in a lot of linked trucks but never driven one before stoked was an understatement. Had to put a new rack/ ps pump before the expo cause they were both junk but everything else checked out when I did a once over. Bolted some fenders on and off the the expo we went!IMG_4380.jpegIMG_4394.jpegPosted up with one of my all time favorite rangers Jolene! @marcytechIMG_4409.jpegEven got featured on RDC pretty rad!D1B0E8A5-F5FC-4729-81DE-3F2C45C2C152.jpegPicked up this boujee ass brake light 💅 from my boy @marcytech @cutlessdesignsIMG_4453.jpeg
Next up was a Mojave trail trip I had planned for a while I was super nervous not having a ton of miles on the truck yet but just sent it anyway and once again was super stoked drove it all the way to Laughlin with zero issues while getting 17 mpg and did the trail all the way back to out side of Barstow. Truck didn’t skip a beat. IMG_4526.jpegIMG_4529.jpegIMG_4543.jpegIMG_4553.jpegOnce we got back on the highway I could tell my 3rd member was making a lot more noise then before so I just cruised it home and we made it!IMG_4557.jpegof course stopping at Barstow del taco on the way home.
Once all home and cleaned I knew it was 3rd member time so got to work.IMG_4598.jpegIMG_4599.jpegand while I’m at it I might as well just prep the entire back half right? IMG_4600.jpegIMG_4601.jpegThat escalated quickly…..
Everything got some fresh paint and all new properly shanked hardware! all the heims checked out so that was a score!IMG_4642.jpegDidn't get the 3rd member back til late on Friday so thrashed on the truck to get out to the dez late that night.IMG_4650.jpegEnded up having to borrow some nitrogen from a buddy out there cause the bottle I had at home didn’t have enough 🤦🏼‍♂️ never fails…..IMG_4656.jpegSaturday was going super good til it wasn’t truck just decided to die out of know where instantly thought it was the fuel pump so towed it back to camp :( and Then realized that the voltage was super low so it must be the alternator right? Had someone bring out a new one swapped it out and still had the same issue. IMG_4681.jpegEnded up being an old sauder that someone had done the only thing holding it together was the heatshrink easy fix!
Guess we finally got our answer.. Only took a few years and a couple forums.
There’s a couple different reasons why I think this, you can run a bigger shock package on a beamed truck (stroke wise) which means more fluid capacity, which also means less shock fade. I know everyone complains about camber/ caster change but most A arm trucks aren’t great either 🤷🏼‍♂️. Also like mentioned before a steering box is much better than a steering rack IMO. All of this is just my experiences / preferences also learning a lot from Roy and Dean, so I might be biased 🤣. Let’s just say I wish this truck had beams on it……
love this truck! i want to do the Mojave trail with mine when it’s done, cool to see something similar capable