JV march 21-24


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Apr 15, 2022
A bunch of us from another group (DTX, recently turned Drama trucks xtreme) get together for our annual meet up that's a pretty good time. This year is at Johnson Valley. Bunch of built dodges mainly, with some chebby and go fast jeeps thrown in. Usually get a decent amount of miles in. Fully family friendly camping.
RC crawlers, and pit bikes fully encouraged. We had probably ~50 ish people last year with about 30 trucks total. Pretty wide range of capabilities. Would be cool to get more people out for the faster paced runs!
Flip all the mirrors up and it's a full blown moose migration.
But, it is pretty awesome to see 8k lbs rigs do 75mph through some decent sized stuff. Even having one, it still blows my mind lol
Trip went really good. In the years of wheeling, I've never ever popped a tire. Went through two 40s in 10 mins this trip lol. Couple tore up/broken axles and diffs, one fucked up shoulder from the dirtbikes, but overall, it was a blast. Perfect weather. Even had some custom fab out there and had a chain truss built for a old 12v swapped suburban! The whole Thuren crew came down from Bend OR and wheeled hard. The route we took on Saturday for our big run was awesome. Turkey Claw to Slash X and back all dirt. Had a LOT of trucks on that run. 27 I think was the total? Split into two groups, one fast and one slow group. My daughter fell asleep in the 3rd seat for most of the run while in the fast group lol. Ready for next year already.
Trip was super family friendly. Lots of kids ar camp. Probably a total of 100ish people showed up, so it was our biggest to date.


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