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Apr 14, 2022
Whats up guys- Im Colin- Rest in peace DR i heard this is the new spot so here it goes..

Im sure a few of you on here know me, ive been building this truck in my garage for the last 10 years. Ive been going only to glamis for the last 4-5 years, looking to get back to the desert spots and get some more seat time in.

up until i saw this thread/these pics, ive never seen a truck with Razors in the front. always thought itd be sick though......

then i finally see someone do it and I WAS RIGHT. THEY LOOK SICK AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how does it handle though? is it a NOTICABLE difference????
haha thanks man yeah im the only one so far. They look cool and hook up well! Im actually selling my sand tire setup and going to run aired down bfg kr3's. I see alot of guys doing it and they seem to love it. The paddles just dig so hard its tough to get the truck to stay on top of the sand.
Haha at the end of the day yeah they work and they look cool i just hate having to switch wheels and tires every time i go to sand or dirt. It doesnt take that long but just another thing to have to do. I was never really happy with the skat trak paddles, they throw a cool roost but they dig so hard even really aired down that i felt like i could never get the truck to float on top, the more throttle you give it wants to dig more.

I was going to run a sand tires unlimited paddle 36x17 but i have talked to alot of guys that like running aired down baja ta tires and have no issues duning so i am going to give that setup a shot for a while and see how it works.