Friends of Oceano Dunes Beach Cleanup- June 16

Jared MacLeod

New member
Feb 24, 2023
Ventura County, CA
We will be putting on a Friends of Oceano Dunes beach-dunes clean up at Oceano Dunes (Pismo) on Sunday June 16. Everyone is welcome to join!

Dads, grab your kids and make it a killer Father’s Day at the dunes! We can rip some dunes, do some clean up & catch some sun on the old dad bods. 🤙

Hit me up if anyone has questions or is interested. We’re hoping for a solid turnout. The sign up RSVP link is below:

@dwphoto @theycallmeWALLY @badlinesgoodtimes @Cleandezert

Planning on making it out with the fam. Probably just go for day maybe do a quick one nighter... Would I be able to roll on to the beach late and camp? I am sure the gate shack closed pretty early these days.
All these days for pismo always fall on a day I can't make. This is my anniversary 😂 hey babe let's go clean up trash for #15
Hey there's sum fancy restaurants in the area. 2 birds 1 stone right? Make her happy she can make you happy all one trip