Ford V10 muffler recommendations


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Apr 5, 2022
Guinda Ca.
So I was in Vallejo last week and had the luxury of our catalytic converter being cut off our 2000 ford excursion, it startled me when I fired it up then I knew exactly what had happened! Drunk wife and friend yelled expletives I will not type on the interwebs at the hobo camp then got a gun pulled on us while I was trying to stop my buddy from fighting the bums.....Fun family trip it was!

Anywhoo, I got deal on a new cat for $975.00 SMH but while I'm at it I am going to take the factory kink out of the down tube/collector and want to put a decent sounding exhaust on it just a 3" single of some sort. Any recommendations, I am in my 40's and my drives it too so I don't want anything loud and I know the V10 can sound weird sometimes with aftermarket exhaust so checking in to see if any of you have any ideas on what I should go with.


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Send me your email address and I’ll forward you a few Excursion sound clips with our mufflers on them.
When I fixed my muffler, I welded a plate with a 1 3/4" hole to reduce the flow for more back pressor that help give it more low end.


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