Favorite old TT and current

I guess BJ's truck 7 years old (seems old now) would have been my favorite. Ton's of style points on how he drove the thing. I saw him mid race at the baja 1000 when he 'iron man'd' the race and won. He came through our pit so early no one got video of it. Next truck was pretty far behind him.

New truck would be Nick Isenhours for Style points or any mason really.
now sure why the but the touareg program always intriqued me, bummer it wasnt given time to develop

minie has always been riveria... they put out a video and the shots they got of it going through zoo road was unreal.
I have always had a soft spot for the land shark as well.

Oh and all time favorite paint was the bass fishing boat blue that dondel did back in the early 2000 at Primm race.
Then next favorite paint would of been scott stienburger american flag.