Coyote Flats Fun Zone

Endless Trails

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Apr 7, 2022
It is called Coyote Flats Fun Zone as we have have a few murder dogs that visit every so often. We have the dirt jumps but I also imagine a scale crawler course in the future up there. I am bringing the jumps back up to quality shortly. Just knocked down a bunch of weeds. Hopefully next weekend I will have some time to get some water on it and start smoothing it out some and packing in the loose stuff. I also want to make some homemade soil-tac to harden up some of the surfaces.
It is a fun flow line with most jumps in the 11-13 foot gap area. I have plans for expansion but don't know how much work I want to put in. A mini excavator would be rad to have for a weekend. Let me know it you are interested in coming over to play.
yea! we should get a little dig day/jump sesh going over there one of these days.... I could drag out the grill for some tacos.