Control Joints or Not?


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Apr 7, 2022
Should I saw cut control joints in my new shop foundation or not?

I am undecided.

Thanks for the advice.
You mean VS an "expansion" joint? Or not doing anything at all?

Either way, I would do saw cut control joints. Ive seen shops with scored expansion joints and shops with saw cut joints, and the saw cut seem to be less intrusive while still doing their job. At least if you plan on rolling tools and such across the floor...

Just my $.02
Okay great thanks Steve! Yeah control joint is what they call it. Supposedly controls the crack ha ha! My buddy is saw cutting it and said he has never seen a shop without them.
I had mine troweled in cause it's supposed to look better and does control the cracks better. Most saw cuts aren't deep enough to make much difference as the crack travels beneath it. That said, they suck to roll anything over and trap dirt and liquids like crazy. They make seam filler meant to fill expansion joints to level off with the ground but I made the mistake of moving in before installation and now it' easier to suffer.