Cleaning Up Parts


Mar 30, 2022
The older I get the cleaner I want the parts I'm working on to be.

What tools do you like to use to clean up what you are working on?

My go-to's right now would be the bench grinder with a wire wheel. Cleans up bolt threads and rust nicely. Second would be my lathe for anything round.

I've been looking into the Ultrasonic cleaners lately... Would be nice to drop some stuff off in there and have it ready to work on the next day.
i have a ultrasonic cleaner that i have used a few times. Doesnt seem to clean it as good as i see some peoples stuff come out. Maybe i need to work on the solution that i use. But i would like to hear more about this.
I use the HF ultrasonic cleaner mainly for cleaning carb parts. If it doesn't get everything, it at least makes it easier to scrape off. I use hot water and dawn dish soap or simple green.