Case of the Mondays

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I fix... hows the foot dude ?

fucking horrificly killing me.
not so much pain wise, i mean it is killing me, but just being IN the fucking cast sucks donkey dick. like more than i suck it.
and of course i've beaten the shit out of the cast, had it rewrapped once so far, prolly wont do it again though. and so of course papa is on mw ass anytime i walk on it/transfer/stand on it. he has no fucking idea. no one does.
when im at home, i sit in my chair (wheelchair), when im out and about i use this little stroller for my leg thing.

its so fucking annoying. looks like a cool, fun little thing to fuck around with.
but when you have to rely on it................. FUCK MY LIFE. i do more 20 point turns in it than ur fucking mawmacita.

also, being in the chair at home, sucks so much dick for basically the same fucking reason.

all of this while papa is nagging and bitching about something/everything in the fuckign background
and i aint got no fucking hot ass tail to go home to and bitch/let all my fucking anger out at.
so i just go to the bar and read.

fucking loner. it me

fucking EXCRUCIATING PAIN on Friday morning when i woke up, went by my pediatriciaiaienen 's office since its literally in my backyard. they cut open the end of the cast and unstuffed a bunch of bloody gauze and shit and it felt as good as jizzing in some poonanny(not that i know what that feels like, only male buttox cheeks). i literally tried to jump up. fucking failed but, nothing knew or surprising there.

left on my little scooter thing, ran some errands, went to Safeway later and as im about 20' from my truck & in front of a local highschool kid (they get out of school across the street and gather at Safeway to be "cool" or whatever) one of my wheels clips a post sticking out of the ground (the ones they have around ADA spots) and i fucking go STRAIGHT TO MY HEAD ON THE ASPHALT. no hands out to stop me or anything. im pretty sure i fucking got knocked out for a second cause next thing i know, i hear a hawt as fuck female voice say "JAKE!! JAKE! JAKE!". look up and a few people were gathered around and then a hot as fuck old high school friend, that's married to the most popular and rich dune guys family (Justin Pratte) and has kids now walks up and make sure im ok. it takes me a few minutes to get my mind back and get up. but i do. get a quick blowjob from the chica (preferred the old dude though). then im off.
when i get home i say FUCK THAT STROLLER CART THING!

thankfully i do because when i go to walk on my foot, i do............
and WALA! it doesn't fucking hurt! AT ALL! i mean i walk as good as anyone can without bending their ankle and are in a cast.
BAM! FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!! i dont need the stroller thing anymore!

still fucking hurts like a motherfuckingbitch though.

im going back to the doctors office for a checkup that they scheduled on Friday, this afternoon though. gonna tell him to fucking cut this thing off and rip the pins out, or just cut my motherfucking leg off.

fuck. ok storytime over, for right now

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Been in the fucking waiting room for AN HOUR NOWWWWW