Bogart Park MTB Trails


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Sep 3, 2022
Banning, CA
There are some local trails to me in Cherry Valley, CA that have some good riding from my recent experience. I recently went up there to check out some trails to see if I could squeeze in some riding in the mornings before work which is proving to be more difficult with it getting light much later than it was over summer. This area seems like it should be solid. I've been riding most of my rides while it is still dark out so I'm trying to time my rides where I ride uphill at night and downhill with daylight.
Anyways, here is a recent video of my latest ride up to the trails at Bogart Park (Lower Noble Creek and Tractor Climb on the uphill and SAPPS on the downhill). The downhill was super steep and loose which pushed me out of my comfort zone a little which doesn't happen too often.

We need to go jump 4Runners and have some beers. Probably in reverse order.

I need to fix one of the 4Runners first to be able to break it again. Still dealing with broken flex plate issues which is frustrating. Broke the third one recently and haven't had any time or motivation to fix it.