Ball joint beam alignment bushings


Oct 23, 2023
Palm Springs
Hey guys,
As I continue to dig into this truck I’ve found the adjuster cam bushing has play on both sides.

Camburg 4.5 extend beams on 91 ranger.

I thought it was ball joint play but after I pulled it apart I found the adjuster is tight in the beam, but the ball joint is loose in the adjuster. The clamp bolt seems very tight. It only threads into the beam, no nut so I’m worried about breaking it if I really crank on it.
I plan to replace all four ball joints and I should probably replace these adjuster as well.
I’m waiting for my steering from threat to come, I’ll probably start a build thread then.

Any recommendations on alignment bushings or just extreme angle adjustable ones off Amazon?

Thanks for the help.
SPC Alignment bushings.
Also, i designed my own beams and used a 7/16 pinch bolt through the top beam end to clamp the bushing to the balljoint. It kept braking when I torqued it and I had a similar issue you’re having.. To fix it, I welded 2 pieces of 3/4”x0.120” round tube on the top of the beam end and used a 1/2” bolt. This fixed my issue.
That sounds like a good fix. Do you have a picture of that. I'm thinking I need to drill mine out and nut and bolt it.

Thanks man
I dont think it is, I just had to go down a bolt size on my beam end clamp because I didnt build the beam end large enough for the factory size bolt.
Offroad is always harder on components too, especially with larger tires and offset wheels.