anybody ever used ?

its like shopping junk yards across the country with out going.

i am looking to use them to source some parts but wanted to ask if they are good or not

I got some Sequoia front axles for a long travel install on my 3rd gen 4Runner last year and a sun visor a couple months ago. Getting the yard on the phone to confirm stock and condition is a pain in the ass but it’s doable if you’re persistent. Just have to remember which parts of the country are in the rust belt or use salt in the winter for icy roads (like Utah, for instance) so you can avoid roached parts if it’s not an interior part.
Just curious...

What are you having to source from a junk yard that you can't find remanned or new?
Yes, I have been using the site a lot lately to find auto dismantlers that have paint matched body panels for my truck. They are just a hosting site and provide different auto dismantlers information and sometimes outdated inventory.
In socal at least I have found it very outdated both on inventory and price. If nothing else it is a good directory of dismantlers that may have what you need. I never could figure out shipping though.
The key is calling them. I never got my emails returned from any of the yards, ever. I think because they were either too busy or didn’t want to deal with shipping since I also asked about shipping when inquiring about inventory. Once they confirm stock, they email you a form to complete and charge your card and ship. This is the form I filled out after getting a separate invoice for parts + shipping.

Yep, it's a good resource. Found my 8.2 axle assembly from a junkyard on there. Although I went directly through the junkyard's website and phone calls.
I called a few places and my findings are what most have said. its a great resource for wrecking yards.

I am looking for a 1981-1988 ford bronco/ranger front valance. still looking.
Try LKQ, if you have not already. My local SLC location said they would ship a pickup bed for free from another LKQ location in Texas. They have a lot of locations and can apparently ship stuff for free if its in a common route.
I've had good luck with it. I've sourced a few engines a transmission and some axles.