87 Toyota - grocery getter

Thanks dude for joining the forum.

I remember a long time ago when you said 'everything is art' and I definitely saw it in your work.

For all who don't know, Fabian is the mastermind behind the 4runner that JD's made so well known. Probably the first and only person to leaf spring a linked vehicle... 'Leaf Springs Party Harder' - IG: Loose_and_Lost

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 8.30.18 PM.png
Hi Steve, thanks buddy!

Here’s a couple pictures of the rear leaf setup. From All Pro, their long travel springs, they were super cheap when I bought them but have gone up since like everything else.

Little shorter out back than Deavers but still have decent travel.

Weird bushing inner and outer diameter size though (OEM metric inner) so made some delrin bushings for them to run thick wall inner inner sleeves because that’s just how I like to setup my leaf springs

TC front hangers salvaged off the other pickup


These aren’t the shackles on this truck or delrin bushings I made (they’re a longer set I made for a friend) but you can see the inner sleeve size I like for leaf spring bushings
Pretty sure it’s 1” .219 wall for 9/16 bolt ID

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Changed up the back of the frame section to some nice clean rectangular tube

That’s the cradle for the fuel cell and you can see a little of the bolt on bedcage

Was trying to keep the stock bed but the 2wd beds and wheel wells on the 80’s pickups ( maybe 4wd too ) are built pretty unique compared to later toyota beds and are pretty hard to use with fiberglass bedsides

Idea is building a removable tube bed that will be plated/paneled in for storage and utility

Ha, dang I dunno about that, just a garage dood with a squirt gun

Here’s up to date of the back of the truck
Wanted to do trac bars like this for a while

Lots of time cycling to get the best geo for the trac bars to limit binding
Saw a build somewhere with trac bars on a ranger and the shocks were mounted off them so I thought I’d give it a try too

Gets my ratio away from 1:1 a little and should help with shock travel speed
Think it will be easier to tune and make the ride nice and soft




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What thickness tubing did you go with for the track bars?

Seems like they would take a lot of stress and load which is why I'm asking.

Looks great and I'm sure it cycles perfect.
Lots of little tedious things,
finish the bedside mounts,
battery mount somewhere in the back,
spare tire mount,
tie the bumper hoop of the bedcage into the fuel cell cradle and make a spot for the license plate,
start planning out the paneling,
have a buyer for the 22r and trans if I decide Iwant to do an engine swap...which puts the fuel cell setup on hold

Main thing is I gotta make a decision and buy wheels and tires
I’m totally missing something here. Is that a torsion bar front kit? I don’t see the torsion bars or room for coils.
Yeah torsiin bars, you can see them behind the limit strap clevis in the 2nd to last pic

is this them?
i seriously don't know anything about torsions. i like pussy, not da diq. so me no no???


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