86 toyota 4x4 PreCrawlLander?*#$


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Mar 11, 2023
Lake Arrowhead
Here is my 86 pickup, bought it originally 12 years ago from a good friend's aunt in Lake Tahoe as a rust bucket for 500$. It currently is built as a sleeper. The prerunner part of it is front has a home built LT and rear is linked keeping everything under the bed. It also has a mildly built cage, race radio, race seats and harnesses. The Crawler part of it Is re- geared Transfer case to 4.70, a rear e locker, winch, rock sliders and obnoxious bumpers. The overlander part is just the home built camper, made of thin wall DOM and sheet metal. The rest of the truck is mostly rust mitigation.
Hell yea! Welcome
How are you guys doing up there in arrowhead? you got a plow on the front of this Majestic vessel.
Hell yea! Welcome
How are you guys doing up there in arrowhead? you got a plow on the front of this Majestic vessel
I hope to see Lake Arrowhead soon if I just keep digging, lol.
I thought being snowed in would mean you hang out with not much to do but it instead meant frantic, exhausting stressful digging, to keep things from being destroyed.
here are some pictures from version 1.0 of the truck which lasted from 2012-2020, the suspension was fox 2.0 shocks with reservoir adjusters at each corner meticulously valved to perfection and explorer leafs in the rear, it worked fantastic for what it was. starting from top down with the pictures,John Bull trail, waterfall at deep creek, Rubicon trail and the top of a snowy peak on 2n17x SBNF
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At the end of 2020 I broke a rear leaf spring on a trip with Turboyota. I used that minor breakage to justify linking the truck... below is the first revision of the link set up that did not work very well. what I had to do to get everything to work well was lengthen all the links basically doubling them in length, this was suggested by my good friend Roy Tomkins or "ODRMSE" when I was explaining to him the poor handling characteristicsIMG_20210418_185806_067.jpg of the trucks setup.