56 f100 build Thread


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Apr 7, 2022
So I picked up this truck last week. Been wanting a f100 for over 10 years but never could pull the trigger. Finally decided to have some fun and do something crazy.. went to Arkansas to check it out, just happened to see ZZ Top and lynard skynard the same night and fly home. Truck was delivered a week later.


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So just going to use this as my build thread, as I am having more fun with this than the offroad truck. lol

So found some issues with the leaf springs, so decided to throw a 5 link on. Didnt want to wait til thanksgiving so i had to buckle down and do it in 2 days before i left on vacation.

Ended up lowering the rear another inch over where it was, with a way better ride quality.

No pictures but i also installed a Ghost Box stereo... basically just a blue tooth receiver that is hidden in the truck so you dont see an ugly stereo.
Next up is coilovers up front and new control arms, and looking into upgrading the wheels to 18s, partially do to the fact I hate the hub caps and one ejected itself the other day and is now damaged.


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Picked up some new wheels on market place. Not sure if I will keep them or not, I like the bigger wheel styling and I got these for cheap and I wanted to use them to check sizing.


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go back to the previous wealz

those are too "new"EY and "coolguy"EY

truck's old school
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likely crappy pics, but I am almost done upgrading the entire front suspension. The front needed a prep, so I upgraded to tubular arms, coil overs, new wheel bearings and all new steering, hopefully it gets rid of some of the slop the front had and will ride way better.


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likely crappy pics, but I am almost done upgrading the entire front suspension. The front needed a prep, so I upgraded to tubular arms, coil overs, new wheel bearings and all new steering, hopefully it gets rid of some of the slop the front had and will ride way better.
Doesn't look like much travel? Or am I not seeing something?
Or room for a C/O & bypass...... like at all? Huh?
alright have been doing some updates on the truck. When i lowered the rear i had to raise the bed, but this left me with needing to make trim pieces for the bed. I wasnt quite sure how i was going to do this, but with flat strap it worked out pretty good. While i was in there i stained the bed, came out okay a bit blotchy, but so be it.


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Also picked up a new steering wheel which i thought matched a bit better, Black to match the door handles inside and wood to match the bed.
I am currently working on removing a ghetto angle iron front crossmember that holds up my core support and front bumper. It is so weak it allows my bumper to flex up and down a couple inches, so i am using a 2x3 tube and mounting that... And that has snow balled into a new radiator which shows up today.


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Then this weekend I ordered a blue print 383 for the truck. Said its about 90 days out, so we will see how that goes. excited to have 430 hp, possibly looking for a 700r4 trans now to swap in at the same time so i have some overdrive.

Also updated exhaust with some black widow mufflers and went back to side exit, i dumped it when i linked it, but always liked the square side exit look, so got that all buttoned up.


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Spent most of the weekend in the garage on this truck again. Started out with wanting to update the crappy cross member the previous owner put in (can see it leaning against the wall). It was angle iron bolted to the frame on each side, then tabs to hold up the core support, and then stacked metal to mount the bumper. The whole thing would flex a couple of inches up and down if you touched it.. So I got 2x3 tube and welded it between the frame rails, you can kinda see it below the radiator pic. I then decided to install a new radiator with electric and an actual shroud, as the last radiator just had a fan bolted to the back without a shroud. And with all that, i had to upgrade my trans cooler lines, so I went steal braided with an fittings.

I just need to weld the tubes for the bumper, but its all fitted and ready to mount next week.


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welp i blew up the rear end... So i ordered a new 9" from quick performance, which should be pretty sweet. Upgraded to disk brakes and now i wont have to use wheel spacers.

While on the movhave trail trip, i stopped in vegas and bought a 700r4 trans so now i will have overdrive. Looking to stab the trans in when i do the motor swap.