2024 Maverick R (Pro Turbo build)

Midget Nate

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Feb 10, 2023
Sun City, AZ
We decided to bite the bullet and go all out for next season. So here she is before she gets all chopped up. Will post updates as we go! So far right out of the box its ahead of the x3 we have been racing for a couple years. The paddle shifters are fun, absolutely zero feedback in the wheel.
Doesnt seem worth the tire size restriction. Looks like you cant go up in tire size much. Maybe its just a bad angle.
Wow, nevermind then. I havent seen one in person so I guess its just a bad perspective.
Ill be tuned to see what you do with this thing. 👍
Gonna add anything to the lower arm area? I think I saw a picture of it broken already
Yessir, lower a arms, and trailing arms will all be gusseted until someone comes out with better arms. Radius rods will all be redone in chromoly with heims, radius rod plate will be reinforced, and sway bar links will all be beefed up as well.
Yeah we got @84projectFORD along for the ride as a caddy :ROFLMAO: Average "par" so far is 50/50 between 1st and DNF lol
Engwish pweeaze, cuz eye was just tryna B funnee. but me no no what any uf dat implies or means.......
BESIDES D.N.F. i deffffffffffffffff know what that means. haha
i dont care what you do with or to this. still a fucking golfcart