2023 Whiskey Off Road - Prescott AZ


Apr 4, 2022
Thousand Oaks, CA
Just signed up for the Whiskey off road 50 Proof in April!

Event Guide

Starting on Prescott’s historical (and lively) Whiskey Row and climbing into the beautifully distracting views of Prescott National Forest, riders will connect some of the area’s most exhilarating (and challenging) pieces of singletrack, double track, gravel roads, and the occasional paved segment.

Going to be on the trusty XC bike.. 🤡 ( this is going to be me on final decent into the finish)


Put in a few miles yesterday.

Left the house in the rain at about 7 am plan was to ride up Albertson Fireroad to China Flats and meet Enduro Dave. And go from there total route planned was about 42 miles.

5 miles to the trailhead


As I climbed into the mountains the rain start to fall harder. 🤡🤡


Met up with Dave. He beat me to the top and decided to drop down and meet up with me and join me on the struggle bus

Hit a few sections that caked up the tires a little bit with mud but mostly riding on DG...
Views didn't disappoint.



Dropped down Triple Threat... somewhere along the way Dave deleted his bottle. We backpedaled a bit to no avail, and pressed on Las Virgenes Fire road. Tons of downed trees, stream crossing, and washed-out trail.


We came up to one crossing with a 3-foot drop into the creek... had to send it haha.





Then we decided to take a bonus line up to a fun downhill... we had to climb the beloved Pump Hill... Woof! encountered a mudslide that was on the trail about 1/4 of the way up Which gummed up the tires realllll nice. We got through that...and then it basically was good until it wasn't.. a climb that usually takes 7-8 mins took us 30 mins had to stop and ungum the tires... Finally, at the top of that mess, we dropped down Montezuma... trail conditions were all time... Ear to ear smile... all the way to the bottom.

From there we were going to press on a little further but decided to pack it in after all the mud zapping out energy.


We grabbed a coffee at Mickey D's... Took a break for a few mins.


Hit the pike back home. Ended up being about 20 miles of dirt and 20 miles of road.


Good times!
Hammered out 48 Miles yesterday with the boys... was a bit of a sufferfest but we all made it.




A few more rides and I think I'll be ready to rock for Whiskey Offroad :turtleride:
Deep Dive into the pain cave yesterday, ready as I'll ever be for the Whiskey 50

Swapped my I9 rear wheel with fresh bearings with 2.5 Assegai back on for superior rolling speed 🤡


Ascent was off it was only 6500 feet compared a few of my other buddies. Last climb I bonked pretty good at about 45 miles. Hike-a-biked most of the climb and hopped back on for the final decent. I have been kind of testing the waters on nutrition side of things with these few long distance rides. (I've been Keto past 5 years) So fasted all the way until mile 40 this ride other than 2 LMNT Salt packets in my water. Think I found my limit was about 40-45 miles. For the race next week, I will plan on stopping about halfway through to eat something with the way it works out to be at the top of the last major climb.


Have some prep to do before we head to AZ Thursday AM

Going to throw new :

Shifter cable.
rear brake pads

give her a little spit shine and should be ready to party!