1UZ Swap Guide - 2nd Gen 4Runner


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Mar 13, 2024
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I’d like to share my complete build for my supercharged 1UZ-swapped 2nd gen 4Runner. There is quite a bit of documentation out there for 1UZ swaps, but, as I discovered while working through my swap, that documentation is spread out over various forums and dozens of different threads and posts. I was frustrated not only by the decentralized nature of the information, but also by the lack of detail regarding various crucial aspects of the swap. People post write-ups and include braindead-obvious things like “drain your oil” or “unplug the wiring harness before removing the engine” while neglecting to mention specific part numbers or custom modifications required to make things fit.

In this guide, I’m not going to remind you to drain your radiator or include the steps for installing a timing belt. There’s common sense and factory service manuals for that.

Instead, I’m going to provide a detailed, comprehensive list of parts I used, a wiring guide that wasn’t done in Microsoft Paint, and I’ll provide valuable insight into weird snags and issues you’ll encounter. Snags that, if I would have known about ahead of time, would have saved me a combined dozens of hours of backtracking and headache. The guide is way too long for a single post, so just follow the Google Drive link above, and download the wiring PDF attached.

I'll try and answer questions related to the build or wiring diagram and provide edits if I missed something, but let me tell you in advance: I can't make a custom wiring diagram for every single person's custom build out there.



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