Sold 1991 Ford Explorer 5spd 4x4

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Sep 30, 2022
1991 Ford Explorer 5spd 4x4 111,000 miles. Located in Bend, Oregon $5800

Like an XJ but cooler. I built this to putt around trails with the family but mostly just commute and haul my dirtbike with it so I'm looking to sell it and a get a pickup. Right after I got it I replaced a lot of little things like window switches, shifter bushings, plugs and wires, and whatnot to make it daily friendly. The 5.13 gears with the 35s are just right. Easy on the clutch, plenty of acceleration, and still cruises 70mph (cruise control still works too!). Fun to drive around and is a great size for a family wheeler.

Manual hubs and manual transfer case.

About a 2 inch lift front and rear with some fender and bumper trimming to fit 35 inch tires. 5.13 gears with a TrueTrac in the rear and Dana limited slip in the front done in December 2020.

New clutch and all new brakes (calipers, pads, rotors, drums, shoes, wheel cylinders) in 2019 with about 20k miles on them.

New high output alternator and battery in May 2021.

Custom high clearance trailer hitch that I use to haul dirt bikes and mountain bikes. I was planning to build a bumper off f it but never got around to it.

Power windows and door locks. Both front windows have new motors and work great.

Bluetooth stereo with upgraded speakers in all four doors.

Block and battery heater with plug at the front.

Replaced valve cover gaskets upper intake manifold gasket, spark plugs and wires in 2020.

Heater works, rear window defroster works.

I would potentially be interested in trading plus cash on my end for a full size crew cab pickup in the $15-20K range. Ex: 2005+ Super Duty with a V10 or 6.2, 2015+ F150 with a 5.0, something not too old and worn out that will make a good family daily and road trip truck.

Couple of issues I can think of: AC does not blow cold but all components are there. Rear driver side window needs a new motor. I think there may be a small leak in the top of the radiator. When I top off the coolant it leaks some coolant out but then stops leaking and runs cool. Some rust spots.


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Is this still available?
Sorry, not at the moment but it will be again hopefully in the next few weeks. Going through an unplanned job change and it's my daily at the moment. I'll put it back up as for sale when once I've secured employment.