For Sale 1991 Ford Bronco Front and Rear Axle 4.88 gears and limited slip


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Apr 5, 2022
Front D44 TTB AND Rear Ford 8.8 axle. They are under a 1991 Ford Bronco. I was told they are geared to 4.88 AND the rear has a limited slip in it. Bronco is lifted on 37s so I have no reason to doubt the axles have been re-geared. Selling BOTH for $1500 OBO. In Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

No Photos But they are stock axles under a 199 Bronco with a 6" superlift drop bracket lift.
Take your diff to get regeared. Usually it's $500 or so.
Can’t afford the 400 you want for your used one so I really can’t afford a regear on mine
Copy. Even a stock diff all 3 I've had I have sold for 300 each alone.