13" d44 rotor?


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Oct 2, 2022
temecula , ca
i have some d44 bronco hubs that im running on my project and i want to run a 13" rotor to go with the willwood superlight i have anyone know who makes one for them?
I don't know if any that would work with pressing studs through like stock. I ran some larger stock 5x5.5 pattern rotors and slipped over the studs and did them like that without issues. Maybe find a billet brake rotor hat that would allow you to run Coleman or race hub with the 8x7-5/8" pattern. Like this but not sure on the rotor bolt pattern

Yeah it seems 14" rotors are more common size big rotor for 17" wheels.
Yeah my friend runs a dodge rotor and made his own caliper brackets and he just slid over the studs BUT the caliper almost contacted the inside of wheel spokes so putting them like factory is much better.

Any local machine shop could machine the center bigger for probably $100 or find someone with stuff at home and can do it for cash.
Also I've never done it but I'd heard of people using a router with a carbide burr and going slow so machine inside of the hole until it fits.