“Shit Ass” the bronco


Jul 26, 2023
My 89 Bronco, it’s a pretty simple build that’s been on jackstands for the last year because the government job didn’t pay well and it’s hot out here in AZ. Currently building a single swing for it when I get some free time .Pretty much everything is used on it.

Front suspension
-Fox 2.5x12
-Locked 2.5x4 (shortened)
-Giant Drop Bracket and Radius arms
-Single swing
- between 15-19~ travel

Rear Suspension
-Gen 2 take offs valved for a bronco
-Giant under the bed shock mount
-National Race pack
-Stock F250 shackle and Camburg hangers

Completely Stock drive-terrain

Currently getting it ready for next season finishing up the single swing, Uniballs for the beams, New radius arm mounts, Converting old Hella Rally’s to Led , 5/8 studs all around, new brakes, maybe 37s if I can find some 5 x 5.5 beadlocks out here but doubt it.



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Random Picture from Installing the new to me solo engine cage


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My 89 Bronco, it’s a pretty simple build..........

maybe 37s if I can find some 5 x 5.5 beadlocks out here but doubt it.

ive got some 5x5.5 KMC beadlocks ill sell ya! 17k! comes with a whole truck and its LOCAL PICKUP FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll even cut ya a deal since i have a thing for 89' Broncos............ 16k even!
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No pictures yet but got tired of looking at it on jackstands ended up buying new stock steering to get back in the desert. Put it 85% back together on Sunday just needs fluids, battery, final torque, and some trimming on bolts.
Very cool truck!

I would cancel the steering because the drop brackets take scrub out of the suspension and reduces the harm and stress on the stock steering. If you bend them, it’s most likely because of a nasty hit that you will avoid next time. This way you’ll get it complete enough to use.


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I'm going to hang on to the swinger and tabs I got until I go wider, the next plan is just drive it till I start breaking my old national leaf pack and then put on a set of 48 links and 3.0s I have laying around with the 8.8 until that breaks in half and then go wide with a 9 in and make the front match. Just going to get it driving again and do the little projects like big K&N ump style filter, Convert the HIDS to LED, build a rear bumper, clean up the rear rack, move the battery to the back etc nothing to crazy hopefully that will take it down for another year in a half
Was rushing last Sunday, assembled the hub and noticed the axle wasn't fully Seated so I got more practice at that and did it again. Got stock steering on in 5 mins. Went to bleed the brakes and did the passenger side then went to the drivers and noticed the caliper wasn’t there and it was resting on the frame. Then ran out of brake fluid. Hopefully I’ll find time in the next few weeks to do final prep and fluids and get it back on the road.
Very cool! Push the piston in on the driver side and you may have enough fluid to where it fills it back up to make it work.
Looks like you need a drop pitmen arm to help the steering.


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