When the talent runs out... Let's see those bad lines MTB edition


Mar 30, 2022
Post your last crash 🤡🤡

Photos/video what ever ya got !

This was few months ago... last decent of the night on our Thursday Group ride... Rain rut sucked me in... was a 20mph to zero in a hurry... full scorpion OTB. Somehow popped up pretty quick with fairly minimal damage.


Exploded my Bike computer mount and light mount but bike was pretty much fine other than that .

Let's see some carnage!
27BF3B1A-7306-4E96-88DB-3FE02866627E.jpegThis was on the Avila ridge trail through a pair of Dhrco pants. Pants were fine so I was very surprised to find this when I got home. 😬. Tri tip anyone?


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This morning was going good until it wasn't.


Woof....... Sent the body pretty good this am...ribs on driver side aren't feeling so hot... 🤡 but shitll buff

Was going mach jesus down a pretty chunky section thought I had enough speed to clear the drop maybe (18inch drop) from about 5 feet back... Well sent her a little too deep.... and went for a ride 15 to zero in a hurry


landed in this bush


I was due for a good slam
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Turns out holiday party dehydration and an allergic reaction without benadryl on hand do not support proper blood pressure levels.
Fun ride. Wish I was more coherent and it was longer. 😁
Never really got many good pics/vids of me crashing, but plenty of the aftermath.

DH race at northstar. Found very optimistic line down rock waterfall. It worked in practice, just baaaarely hooked the bottom of my fork leg on a rock I was trying to thread the needle through. Left said waterfall mid ride and landed at the bottom on my elbow.

Pedaling really really hard for a jump and my chain snapped. Straight to face. Didn't even have a chance to take my hands off the bars it happened so fast.

Fontana DH race. Trying to sneak in a couple of extra pedals through a rocky section. Clipped a pedal and got sent out the front door on to my brand new helmet.


It was raining during this race and the dirt on this corner had less traction in it than I thought.


Wife in the process of accidentally tucking the front end after a hard landing at nationals in Snowmass sometime around 2008 I think

Son had been trading off riding his buddy's PW50 all day and the brakes are backwards compared to a mountain bike. He somehow saved it after grabbing a handful of front brake trying to do a cool skid.

Then his buddy came down and did the exact same thing, except he did not save it
Oh man, and I forgot about this one. Super long time ago when I used to party really hard the night before a race. Sea otter classic practice run the day of the race. Big hangover/maybe still a little drunk because I was dizzy. Shorted the crap out of a jump and ended up sliding down the face on my knees (best way possible there). Was sober by the time race runs came around luckily.