Whats going on everyone!!


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Jun 14, 2022
What up yall, my name is Christian and this is my Ultra 4 inspired 1999 4runner build. Its no where close to being finished, but this is currently my daily but I plan on eventually attempting to run and complete an EveryManChallenge Ultra 4 race with it. I like to crawl in the desert and go fast in the desert, so Id say my main stomping grounds are Johnson Valley. If yall see me out there anytime feel free to say whats up \m/ !!7EA62AAA-1328-4747-AE69-A99B57B3B9AF.jpeg
Its currently on 33s, A BTF Fab 4wd long travel kit, Relocated shock mounts with 2.0x10" double bypasses in the rear. Also have a rear locker, on 4.10 gearing. 400k miles and still going!
Based out of Southern California.22AEBC14-001E-411F-8C1F-0041B05DD6C3.jpeg

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Looks like a super nice CLEAN truck... why would you want to race it haha.

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thanks man!! theres not a lot of ifs trucks out on the field and i would like to show them what is up! Honestly though with that kind of milage on the chassis theres no outher route i could see myself going with it... if i wanted to sell it that would be the first thing everyone would b*tch to me about lol!!
i will most definitely try!! itll be on a saturday during the night right??!? if its like the last one i went to im in!!