Sunday Funday


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Apr 28, 2022
Lake Elsinore
Toyotas ( and I can not stress this enough) fucking suck Jakey-Poos weiner!!!!

Fight Me!

But seriously, I don't know if I just happened to have the biggest POS Toyota has ever made or if everyone who has one is so hell bent on brand loyalty/ dick riding them, that they overlook all the shit that is wrong with them. It's quite frustrating hearing the mob talk about how awesome their Toyota is while I'm on the 4th trans, 2.5 motors, 2 steering rack, 3 p/s pump. At this rate ( money wise) I could have built my ideal truck and still had money left over for some Barstow Dell

Oh.... Happy Sunday
Seriously..... I'm almost beginning to think it's me. And for some reason, Toyotas just don't like me. Never had to repair / replace this many things on my last 4 vehicles COMBINED!
I had 3 in car seats and needed the 4 doors. And since I couldn't find the centurion in my price range I needed to keep the 4runner. And unless someone is gonna build me a pipeline of Pemex gas right to my house ( the bronco LOVES that mexico gas) I wouldn't be able to afford to DD the bronco again
I meannnn..... I might be a bit bias but... What you do for me.... TOYOTA....

my 3 shit boxes work 80% of the time everytime. Apparently, I am unable to park thats besides the point.