Sold SOLD Smittybilt RTT

Sold Item. She Gone!


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Apr 27, 2022
For sale is my Smittybilt gen 1 RTT. I bought it used and only used it 3 times. Tent is in great shape with no rips or tears. Cover is super clean as well. Some straps are worn but is fully functional. Looking to get $600. Located in 91390
My Go Fast Camper weighs 80lbs.

It's called their superlight but they don't really have them for sale. I think they're RTT topper is like 137lbs.

I'd personally rather have this one because it's more modular and you can mount shit to the top of the camper if needed. Like you could use it as a lumber rack or whatever vs mine you can't.

Light weight tents are for the roofs of girl cars. You need a heavy duty one to hold up off road and increase the polar moment of inertia thereby distributing the weight correctly to the drive axle for maximum traction and balance.