Past Clean up Santa Fe New Mexico Cleanup

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Apr 8, 2022
United States
WHAT/WHEN: The Adventure Endeavor Santa Fe Public Lands Cleanup will take place Saturday September 24th, 2022 near Santa Fe, NM at the Caja Del Rio/Buckman Road dispersed camping area managed by Santa Fe National Forest Service. This event has been authorized by the regulating entity.

WHY: The purpose of this event is to clean public land use areas that see high traffic, litter, and abuse. While cleaning a single area will help, the larger picture is to shed a light on this problem and encourage recreation enthusiasts to get involved in public land maintenance. Public lands help improve the lives of all communities and this event will help to ensure outdoor spaces and cultural landmarks we love are kept open for future generations. Our hope is to spread awareness about illegal dumping, Leave No Trace principles, and proper camping etiquette.

We know this event may be pretty far for many of you to attend. If you cannot make it, please consider donating to our GoFundMe. We also plan on doing some future events closer to Southern California.