Red Ranger rebuild ideas and opinions !!

Tragan M

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Nov 27, 2023
Huntington Beach
So I rolled my 08 ranger 3 months ago now and I’m planning on making it a project truck but not sure how to go about how I should fix it. I’ve reached out and people said I should replace the cab and others suggested I should chop it and weld a new top on, regardless of what I do I want to get it caged for my safety and others just incase this happens again. One question I have is it possible to weld a different year top to my cab and get it caged or if the measurements would be off since it’s a different year. Other issues that I know of is my read end housing or axle is bent of off, I can see if shifted to the least about an inch or so just from standing behind and looking at it. I’d appreciate any ideas or opinions to help me get started mainly on the cab rebuild then go from there ! Cheer’s 🍻 & thanks and much appreciated!
As long as the cab you get is of the same style and 4 door you should be able to just cut it off at the pillars and put a new top half on. Already appears you need new doors as well so might just be easier to source a full cab. Unless you know what your doing it can be difficult to cut the roof and weld a new one on and still have everything line up (windows and door hinges and latches etc) Even if its a little bit off it will cause issues. Especially because it was crashed you need to be sure theres no other damage or tweaking of the cab otherwise your new roof will never line up.

You should look into TE Designs they have a weld it yourself cab cage and backhalf kit. Otherwise Gatlan Haddon sells WIY backhalf kits.
Agreed with the above. But I would personally sell it or part it out and start fresh. It's a lot of work to "fix" stuff then cage it then then then. You'll run into all kinds of problems. But I'm also a cry baby and hate to struggle lol
If the motor and trans are in good running order and lowish miles I'd pull them and scrap the truck. Maybe find a cheap ranger on that has a blow motor or trans and swap yours in and build that. Or sell what you can off that one and start fresh, rangers are cheap enough and easy enough to find in project condition.
So I found a truck and they guy said he’s willing to give me the cab and everything on it and in it for $680 it’s an 08 like I need supper cab only issue it’s 2wd… I was told I can just take my internals from my 4wd cab and just swap it over but I’m not sure the mounting points are the same so I don’t wanna buy the cab and be stuck with it. Any one have anything that can possibly help me here ?? 3e357c005c434d7ea6c23c5fb41c5bd4_ful.jpeg
throw it in the gutter and buy another but a 93-97 beams. thank me later. hahaha.

if you insist on the gay arms... then cab swap would be easier than repairing that one!
I’ve thought about this but I owe 6 still and I won’t get what I need out of it but I’d love to get a 97 most undeniably better than what I have now.
You might want to talk to whoever is going to cage it first. I've seen guys cut just the top half off after a rollover to repair a truck, and I've heard about guys doing it versus doing drop-downs for cages. I did a road race car that they cut the roof skin off of to get rid of sunroof, and it was really awesome not having it there.